People come to counselling and psychotherapy for many different reasons and at different times in their lives. As you are reading this, I imagine that you are looking for things to be different. Perhaps you are looking to explore problems or issues in your life, or looking for more meaning generally, more of a sense of fulfilment. Or it may be that you are struggling to cope at the moment and need some support. 

Whatever your reasons for seeking out counselling or psychotherapy, get in touch to book an initial appointment and let’s discuss how we might work together. 

Why counselling or psychotherapy

Perhaps you're wondering about whether counselling or psychotherapy is what would help you at the moment. Counselling and psychotherapy offers a safe, empathic, confidential space for you to explore how you would like to move forward in your life or what is troubling you at the moment. There are as many different reasons for seeking out counselling and psychotherapy as there are people. 

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Or get in touch and we can have a chat about what you'd like to get out of counselling or psychotherapy.

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how i work

I believe that the path to wellbeing and transformation is best supported by a mindful, warm, and empowering relationship, and I will do my best to work with you in this way.

I draw on a range of psychotherapeutic approaches, so there are lots of different approaches we might use in our work together. The particular ones we will use will depend on you and the issues you bring to our sessions.



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